Leaving the US

As we sit in our hotel room in Chula Vista, CA preparing to get up super early and cross into Mexico I am feeling both anxious and quite excited.
Ever since planning the trip, we knew that it wouldn't really start until we cross into Mexico and become foreigners. Driving down the pacific coast has been amazing. We've had great times and met wonderful people along the way but as of yet, I haven't really entered into my challenge zone.
Let me explain what the model I am referring to.
In life, everything we do falls into one of three zones.
There is the comfort zone (green zone), challenge zone (yellow), and panic (red).
The comfort zone is where we spend most of our lives. Waking up in the morning and drinking coffee. Going out with friends. For me, most of the rock climbing I do is now in the comfort zone. It is a familiar place and is often a nice place to be.
The challenge zone is where we do things that may not be comfortable but we know we can handle. For me, getting shots at the doctor is in the challenge zone. Cold calling people on the telephone is also here. I have to think twice about it, but I know I can handle it. The challenge zone is also referred to as the growth zone since this is where we do most of our growing. For the educators out there, the is also the zone of proximal development.
Then there is the panic zone. It is too far outside of our comfort zone. For some, rappelling down a cliff is here. For me, batting a hornets nest definitely falls into the zone. It is very important to know where the line between the challenge and panic zone lies.

So touring down the coast on a bike has pretty much been in the comfort zone. Some of the weather has been challenging and that has been good (and the huge storms seemed to push us into the panic zone since we hunkered down to wait them out).
The political boundary between the US and Latin America also represents the psychological boundary between the comfort and challenge zone. I am excited to cross it and see how I respond. The key is to stay out of the panic zone. It will be interesting to find out where that boundary lies.

So off we go with giddiness in our hearts. I look forward to a month from now when I can look back at this moment and reflect on what caused anxiousness and what I knew nothing about. I'll let you know.